Aloha from Maui!

Introducing: The Maui Wowie “Bootube”.


What is a “Bootube”?

It’s a BamBOO tube!

It’s a 100% sustainable, “Living Glass” water pipe!

These black Bamboo Water Pipes are organically grown on the hillsides of Maui, and are desired for their ornamental beauty.

Our bronze wahine is holding a dual-node Bootube, featuring our standard milled glass-on-glass hardware included with your purchase of every Bootube.

Here at The Maui Wowie Bootube, we use Beeline Hemp Wick — the best alternative way to naturally fuel your fire without harming yourself or our environment. Beeline is a sustainable, natural product, that can be used for igniting camp fires, fireplaces, grills, barbecues, candles, stoves, furnaces, lanterns, medicinal herbs, and tobacco products!

Ho, Brah! Come see da kine up closer!

We offer 2 custom branding options as well as custom engraving and pyrography designs. Click the ‘New Products’ button at the top of this page to see some examples of what is possible.



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